360VR selfie

If “a picture is worth a thousand words” a 360VR picture is worth even more. Get your brand noticed with the tech trending times!

Mytriphoto introduces the 360VR selfie, the first VR photo-booth Worldwide which gives a priceless experience for users and a high return of investment for brands, hotels, venues, airports and others.

A branded photo-booth device that invites your customers, guests and visitors to take a 360VR picture and prompts them to immediately share them with their social networks... with your brand on it!

The 360VR selfie is a smart solution for brands to boost their organic presence in Social Media and to make every event unforgetable.


How it works

The 360VR selfie is not an ordinary photo-booth, is a new experience, a Virtual Reality (VR) experience! No App to download, neither a big and uncomfortable equipment.

  It can be stationed anywhere. Inside your premises or even outdoors. Ideal for events, brand activations, hotels, weddings, parties, conferences, etc.

  Due to its portable and battery powered system it makes it easy to place wherever the action is!

  Powerful light for night events.
Touch screen with branding, to shoot the VR photo and to see the preview, after the shot.


  The device can be customized with the brand on it for events or completely tailored for a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

  Our system is all automated and hence easy.
The branding and the social hashtags of the image are merged automatically, reinforcing the brand presence.

  An original and engaging way for brands to create an organic presence online, generate social referrals and gain connections between brand, customers and their social media contacts.


The 360VR selfie turn photos into data, analytics, engagement, loyalty and more!

  • User Generated content (UGC)

    Real time User Generated Content helps market your brand through word-of-mouth like wild fire.

  • Online Dashboard

    A centralized Online Dashboard for the device management and to retrive the data shared by the Guests.


    Get new customers in an Organic way. Increasing engagement and turning Guest into ambassadors of your brand.


    Give your Guests a Virtual Reality (VR) photo that they'll share on Social Media, with your brand on it!

  • Breeze to set up

    Easy to carry and battery powered, easy to operate, set-up and disassemble. A simple and truly user-friendly interface.

  • Competitive advantages

    Provides guaranteed ROI in terms of visibility and social media reach, over traditional photo booth rentals.

User Generated Content (UGC)

Every brand wants their client use their hashtag or brand in their own pictures or social media posts. We can help to do that, in an easy and fun way!

Trust on-line content from friends and family above all other forms of brands messaging.

Find UGC more memorable than brand produced content

Of millennials said UGC has influenced their purchase decision

Would prefer ‘regular people’ to tell a brand’s story rather than a celebrity ambassador (19%).



Results are often presented in the form of raw data however our customised dashboard allows you to amplify and realize your marketing efforts. Now you can keep a tab on both KPI & ROI through interpretation and analysis of data by:

  Digital branding setup and management.

  Photo delivery email setup and management.

  Live metrics from Facebook.

  Social Media reach analytical reports.

  Access to historical data sets and photos.

You are in a good company

Our clients are an extension of Mytriphoto. They're unique and driven. We've been trusted by companies who willingly adopt new-age marketing. Will you be our next?


The 360VR selfie images shared by your Guests are posted on their personal walls, and generate traction across their social connections.

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